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Reine DJOTANG-NGNIA - Member of EDC and IJA of Strasbourg


As a lawyer, I have been a member of the Strasbourg Bar since January 7, 2009. I also hold a doctorate in social law (labor law) obtained at the Robert Schuman University of Strasbourg III in 2006.

I am a mediator registered with the Court of Appeal of Colmar and on the list of mediators of the Judicial Court of Strasbourg.

I also train and coach both through my own organization and for other training and coaching institutes.

I am bilingual French and English.


I have expertise in labor law.
I deal exclusively with disputes relating to individual and collective labor relations.

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I intervene alone or in co-mediation in social, civil, commercial and administrative disputes.

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I design and deliver training courses in labor law and I also offer training modules on amicable dispute resolution, including mediation.

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Labor law

The fees are the sums due to the lawyer in payment for the work done. They can be billed as follows:

  • - Time-based fees
  • - Fixed fee
In addition to this fixed fee, there is a fee for results. In certain cases, insurance companies may cover the lawyer's fixed fees.
  • - Subscription
For regular clients, a fee agreement can be established as part of an annual subscription including consulting services at a preferential hourly rate.
In any case, I will discuss with you the amount of the fees clearly from the first meeting.

As an indication: hourly rate for lawyer

  • - Oral legal consultation : 100€ (excl. tax)
  • - Written legal consultation : 200€ (excl. tax)
  • - Amicable procédure 1000€ (excl. tax)
  • - Daily fee : 1200€ (excl. tax)


As an indication: hourly rate for mediation

  • - 200€ (excl. tax) per hour to be shared between the parties
  • - Fixed price established according to the number of parties and or value in dispute
  • - Cost to be shared between the parties
The amount of the fee will be clearly discussed at the first mediation meeting.


As an indication: hourly training rate

  • - 200€ (excl. tax) per hour
  • - 1200€ (excl. tax) per day of training
The amount of the fees will be agreed upon before the beginning of the coaching session.

Where to find me


16 avenue de la paix Simone Veil


Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8h30 to 17h

By appointment only

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